Garden Talk

with Rebecca Jordi

Q: Can you identify this weed for me. I am seeing all over my pastures and open field areas.

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Heartwing Sorrel

Heartwing Sorrel

A:  This weed looks very similar to red sorrel which is a perennial. But this is actually a winter annual called heartwing sorrel, Rumex hastatulus.  If you look closely at the seed head you will see the seeds are slightly heart-shaped. Right now it is full of seeds so the best thing to do is mow it and collect the clippings then bag them and throw them away.  If you do it now, the crop of heartwing sorrel should be diminished next year.  This weed is found throughout most of the southern states.  It is edible for humans and great when a few are added to salads but it is somewhat sour which is where it gets its name – sorrel.


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