Garden Talk

with Rebecca Jordi

Q: I planted my onions in September but they are not ready yet. What could be wrong?

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onionsA:   I think we need to wait a little longer.  It usually takes 4-5 months to harvest onions and we are only just at a little over 2 months.  Be patient, they should come up in time.  Onions may be grown from seeds, sets, or plants. Time of planting is very important for bulb formation. Bulbing varieties grown best in Florida are the short-day varieties. Therefore, they must be started in the fall (August to November) so bulbing is induced by the short days of winter. Subsequent harvest of bulbs follows in the spring or early summer. For extra-large onion bulbs, try moving the soil away from the bulb as it grows, it is important to be sure they are not planted too deeply. Spring onions, or green onions, may be started in fall, winter, and spring. Plant them close, and thin as needed. For straight plants, place the sets upright in the planting furrow. Multiplier onions are hardy perennial bunching onions which do not form enlarged bulbs. The shallot is a special form of this type. Multipliers need to be divided and reset every year.


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