Garden Talk

with Rebecca Jordi

Q: The leaves on my lucky bamboo are turning yellow. What could be wrong?

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Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

A:   When the leaves of a plant start to yellow it is often the first indication the plant is under some form of stress.  With landscape plants it can often mean the soil pH is too high or there is a nutrient deficiency.  Regarding your lucky bamboo, it is possible, if you are using city water, the pH is too high making the water alkaline. Even the bottled water we drink may be too alkaline for lucky bamboo. There is also a possibility your city water may have too much chlorine or fluorine in it. The best advice is to consider use filtered water instead.  If filtered water is not possible, then use the tap water but allow it to sit uncovered for at least one to two days.  This will allow much of the chlorine and/or fluorine to dissipate into the air.  Another possibility is the plant may be receiving too much sunlight.  Be sure the room is bright but not in direct sunlight – never in a window. 



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